An Engineer’s Certificate or a Modification Certificate is an Approval Certificate certifying that the modifications to the vehicle have been carried out in accordance with the relative codes, Australian Standards and applicable ADRs.

A VASS certificate is a Modifications Certificate issued under the VicRoads Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme. The Certificates provides for Heavy Vehicles over 4.5t GVM and expected national wide as part of the mutually recognition agreement between different States of Australia.

The term AVE stands for an Approved Vehicle Examiner. This is a term used by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator to describe individuals who are certified to carry out inspections of modified Heavy Vehicles for compliance with the relative Standards.

Generally, yes. Different States will use different terms. For example, Blue Plates, VSB6 Plates, Engineer’s Certificates, Engineer’s Report, Modifications Certificates, Approval Certificates, Compliance Certificates or VASS Certificate. They are all Approval Certificates for modifications to vehicles.

Heavy Vehicle yes. However, with light vehicles Queensland and New South Wales will require the Modification Certificate to be issued by a Certifier approved with the State of registration.

To arrange for an inspection an online booking service is provide for on the website.

Depending on if the vehicle passes the inspection and all requested information has been provided the Certificate can be processed within a few days.

In the case of light vehicles with a GVM of less than 4.5 t the VASS Certificate is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

If the owner of the vehicles fails to present the valid VASS Certificate within 30days, the certificate will expire and an additional inspection will be needed to be carried out and the reissuing for the VASS Certificate at the owners expense.

No we do not provide Vass certificates for engine changes or conversions.

Yes we can help you depending on your vehicle make and model. Kindly email us a photo of the compliance plate, we will need to check the manufacturer’s specs to confirm if the vehicle can be re-rated. We can only provide re-rating for your vehicle if the manufacturer provides an OEM option for a 2nd gvm/gcm option.

No we do not provide Vass certificates for suspension lift kits

We conduct onsite inspections on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays every week. Country and Inter-State inspections are by appointment.

We provide free travel for up to 30min from our base. Travel over 30mins and up to 45mins is a flat fee of additional $50 + GST. Any travel over 45mins will incur a travel fee of $2 per Kilometer + GST.

You need to make an early booking, sometimes up to 1-2 weeks prior to the inspection day. For update availability please book online using our booking service.

You won’t get the certificate on the same day of inspection. Standard processing is 48-72 hrs and we will post it to your address. Priority service is available for an additional cost of $50 for urgent cases where the certificate is completed within 24hrs and posted thru express post.

No, the engineer does onsite inspections. He will go to the vehicle’s location and do the inspection.

Yes we do certification for seat removal. You will need to get a weighbridge docket and make sure that the holes on the floor are sealed up. Then we can book you for inspection once the vehicle is ready. (We can also do certification for adding seats.)

Sorry but we only do modification certificates for heavy and commercial vehicles, not for cars.

Yes we work with component suppliers for CRN’s approvals.

Yes we use industry-leading vehicle configuration software and can provide reports for your intended modification prior to starting any work.

We can draw a representation of your intended seating and wheelchair layout to confirm head and leg space requirements as per VSB5 and AS10542 are compliant. This report can also provide individual axle loading and total vehicle mass.

Yes we use CraneWin for checking crane stabilities and in addition have developed our in house calculators for cranes, skip loaders and tailgate loaders etc.

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Andrew H.

Andrew H.

I’ve never had any problems using Commercial Vehicle Compliance. They provide Engineering Compliance to all of my Food Trucks. The service is always prompt and reliable. If anyone requires vehicle compliance or engineered give them a call.



I have always found your service to be both professional and cooperative. The flexibility you offer to meet our needs is a real plus. The fast supply of the VASS certificate means that we can release the trucks quicker. I would happily recommend you to anyone who needs your services.



A new service always has to prove itself, however Commercial Vehicle Compliance came recommended so we were comfortable to give them ago. We now use CVC as a additional supplier and have never had any problems.